Disabilty Access Lifts

VWS Lift Consultants supply the following range of Vertical Disability Access Lifts:




The information below will give you a good insight into the functionality and finishes of the various types of disability access platform lifts which are available. The information includes an approximate price comparison for the DOMUS, RISE and A7 units over two floors up to 4m. Other disability access lifts are available, however, these units are the most reliable and robust. The DOMUS and A7 units in particular are premium products which exceed other platform lifts in design, durability and customer satisfaction. The RISE which is manufactured in the UK has become more economical in comparison, due in the main to changes in the exchange rate for Euro’s and Swedish Kronor.


Disability Access Platform Lift Information

The DOMUS and A7 units are hybrid lifts, the lifts can be fitted either internally or externally (for entering a building from outside over multiple floors). Formally passenger lifts, they have been adapted to conform with DDA regulations, each lift has been developed to be a high usage unit which  is more aesthetically pleasing to look at than their rivals, furthermore, these lifts can also carry light goods, trolleys, etc. The A7 Lift is similar to the DOMUS unit, however, passenger lift doors rather than hung doors are available, this makes the A7 in all but speed and capacity (400kg 5 person max eco/green electric or 500kg 6 person max hydraulic) the same as a passenger lift in functionality and appearance.


The A7 Lift has the most sustainable credentials of any disability access platform or passenger lift that we are aware of.

The reasons are as follows:

  • Max 4 amps running, fully loaded, with only a 0.4Kw consumption.
  • General usage 2.7 amps, which also keeps the battery backed up via a UPS, which = no more energy consumption than a standard lap top computer.
  • There are no hydraulic oils, if the lift is electrically driven – so no environmental waste.
  • The lift is made up of fully recyclable materials.
  • Our Italian counterparts minimise their environmental impacts by recycling as much waste materials on their premises as possible, they also use little in the way of paper products, we too only send out quotations, information and drawings via e-mail, so that only the necessary amount of copies are printed by those who require them, saving on envelopes and transportation costs as well, unless of course hard copies are requested.
  • More importantly our Italian counterparts endeavour to make their products in an energy efficient way, by using practices and techniques which produce the lowest possible carbon emissions and environmental waste. Please note: items a), b) and in the list are the most important factors of all, because if the end product is not energy efficient or clean/green to the environment, the other practices are only piecemeal measures which are often overtaken many fold in the long term by the type of unit purchased.

The A7 lift also has the largest platform area (2000SqM, width 1.2m max) of any platform lift, however, over 1100mm x 1400mm the eco electric drive has to be converted into the less environmentally friendly hydraulically driven unit.

The DOMUS and A7 lifts differ to rest of the Disability Access lifts on the market place, as these units have single press button functionality and a cab as standard, whereas all other models require constant pressure on the buttons to travel and in some instances to call the lift too. Single Press Button Functionality, is most beneficial for those people for whom these lifts are intended, particularly for users with muscular or osteoarthritic problems in wheelchairs where Constant Pressure Button Functionality becomes an encumbrance (if one is calling the lift from the floor above, on a travel of 4000mm, one would have to hold constant pressure on a button for 27 seconds and the same amount of time again to travel to the floor above, which is laborious for even a carer or an attendant.

We can implement single pressure buttons on the RISE Lift if the L-shaped platform is upgraded to a cab, however, these functions are not available on the RISE if the lift needs to be in a fully glazed enclosure (with single press functionality, the RISE can only be glazed on entrance and exits) and although the rise can be used externally it cannot be attached to a building for entry/exit into said building. (The RISE has less high end finishes than the DOMUS or A7 too, but it still looks good in comparison to other lifts on the market, to which upgrades cannot be fitted).

The RISE like the DOMUS and A7, is a high usage, long term unit, and a considerable number of units have been installed for Swindon Borough Council in school’s and community centers. (Please note the Rise unit is limited to 6000mm maximum ascent, the DOMUS and A7 unit can ascend 15000mm).